64 thoughts on “Book Recommendations from the Library Aides

  1. The book that I read was Princess in Training by Meg Cabot this book is awesome it continues on after the Princess Diaries.Once again her rivalry Lana is after her again but this time they were running for school president but in the end she wins.

  2. Book: Twilight
    Author: Stephanie Myer

    This book is awesome. It is probably the best book I have ever read. It is about a Vampire named Edward, and just a regular girl named Bella, and their families. Bella and Edward fall in love. But the twist is, Bella doesnt know that Edward is a vampire. Oddly enough, that attracts her to him even more. You have got to read this book. You’ll be thirsty for more.

  3. I read Forged By Fire. It was an intense book. A boy named Gerald, his mom abused him why she was doing drugs. His aunt died so he had to live with his mom, her husband, and his sister Angel.Angel’s dadabused her. The book was very good and I couldn’t put the book down.
    Madison DeLuca.

  4. Title: Girls In Pants: The Third Summer of the Sisterhood.

    Author: Ann Brashares

    This book was a powerful and inspiring book, about four bestfriends who are spending their last summer together before they go off to college. This book was great, and i loved it.
    You should definetrly read this book. Its the best.

  5. i read Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. it was a great book i loved it i hope you will read it too.

  6. I read harry potter and the deathly hollows I think it was the best book of the series I couldn’t stop reading it was amazeing in this book harry is fitting all the time theres no resting so many people die thou so its sad but good!

  7. Bronte’s Book Club

    This book is about a girl who moved to the beach from a desert place. She is insecure about her self and doesnt know anyone so she starts a book club. The girls start arguing but eventually get along. They get into trouble sometimes but they stick together. They will be friends until the end of time.

  8. i read the book anisasa has the answers. i think this book was very good because it showed how a girl did not know how to climb a rope but at the end she did because she worked hard and saw her family do it so she felt that it would be good if she could to. her aunt rose died too in the story and her little brother sam who is three acted like he worked at the cemitary and he would bary her again and again. overall i would recomend this book to anyone who does or does not like to read because i my self hate to read and i ended up loveing the book. so crake the book open and read it!!!!!!

  9. Replica series book: Amy, Number Seven by Marilyn Kaye
    This book is hard to get into at first but once you read the first chapter you’re hooked. This bookhas quite a few typos but you can figure out what it means. This book is basicly about a girl trying to figure out the mystery of her life. But before she sees a photogragher, receive an assignment from her English teacher, and hits puberty eveything is normal. I think this book would be more intersting to a girl but I guess a boy could like it.

  10. White Fang
    Its about a part dog part wolf going through life.This book is really good and is great to read.I think everyine should read it because it teaches a story of life.As he goes through life being beaten and hungry, he comes to love his new master.

  11. I recently finished “The Uglies” by Scott Westerfeld. This book is great for teens and young Adults. This book puts a believable character in a high tech futuristic setting. It’s everything you ever imagined about the future, except for one tiny difference: Everyone is pretty. That is if you are over 16. Teenagers under 16 are considered “uglie” because they dont have perfect faces, perfect bodies, perfect hair. You’re a normal person until your 16th birthday when you undergo an extensive plastic surgery orperation that makes your bodie.. well.. perfect. The main character, Tally Youngblood, feels all alone. Her best freind in the whole world, peris, is 3 months older than her, so after he undergos the surgery she is condemmed to 3 months by herself, or that is, at least till she meets Shay. Shay is like Tally. An ugly with the same birth day. But Shay isnt sure she wants to become pretty. Shed rather be like herself, not what the city wanted her to be. When Shay runs away she leaves Tally a note. Some important information. When Special circumstances intervenes, her world turns upside down. Use the information to find Shay and turn her in, or die ugly.

  12. tears of a tiger sharon draper

    this is a very good book it is about teenagers that were driving drunk and they had a wreck.one person was killed and everyone was sad and is best friend gets really depresed and you have to read the rest to find out what happens to him.

  13. Emily is a fourteen year old American girl that lives in Bahasa Indonesia. Both her parents are doctors in a clinic and help children overcome illnesses. Emily throws a tantrum one day and gets on a ferry to Weh, an island where her Uncle currently resides. On the way there, the ferry sinks, leaving Emily to battle the ocean for seventeen straight hours. Alng the way, she meets Isman, a nine year old muslim boy that proves his faith. Emily and Isman stick together throughout their journey forming an unbreakable bond that is tested at the end of the book.
    The ending of this book was very interesting and I completely recommend for students to read this book if they enjoy heart-throbbing action and unseprable friendships. Overboad is a heartwarming story that almost put me to tears.

  14. Title: Twilight
    Author: Stephenie Meyer

    Twilight is about a girl named Bella who moves with her father in Forks. She makes lots of friends. When she goes to school she meets a boy named Edward. Edward is 108 years old and a vampire. Bella falls in love with him. So the hunters come and try to take bella and kill her but of course edward saves her and they become happy together. Now i cant wait to read New Moon…!!!!! :*)

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